’s listing shows details for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The Special Edition Bundle includes the game itself, a Special Edition Gamecube Controller, and the GC Controller Adapter.

The bundle is listed at $99.99 USD, which would save you about $10 USD compared to getting everything separately, the game itself is listed at $59.99 and the adapter and special edition controller are listed at $19.99 USD and $29.99 USD, respectively. These prices shouldn’t be too different in stores.
It is yet unkwown how much compatibility will the GC controllers and adapter will have outside Smash Bros., it was rumored a planed compatibility to titles like Mario Kart 8 but it is yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.
And in case you were wondering, all amiibo NFC figures are listed at $12.99 USD.
The release date to all these is listed December 31, 2014, which may or may not change as the date approaches, we’ll keep you posted,
What do you think of this bundle? is it worth the price? or is it not cheap enough for you to get it? Tell us what you think on the comments.

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