Dualsense Review – A Generational Upgrade?

Generational Leap or Incremental Upgrade?

I’m gonna come clean, I’ve never been a fan of the Dualshock. Something about it’s D-Pad, the Analog stick placement, the size, the shape. I feel crazy when people tell me PlayStation’s D-Pad is their favorite.

I’ve always found that advancements would be made by the competition, and Sony would stubbornly keep its design the same. The Dualshock 3 even had these horrible triggers, just to match the shape they had on the original. See how ancient it looks next to the Xbox 360 controller.

But everything changed with the Dualshock 4. A massive upgrade in shape, specially those triggers. Sure, it did away with Start & Select, and gave us a gimmicky speaker and touch pad in the middle, and the battery was miserably short. But I find it to be an overall improvement over any of its predecessors.

The DualSense may have dropped the naming convention, but it feels like the Dualshock 4… 2. If the Dualshock 3 was an aging stubborn design, the DualSense is not afraid to copy the homework of the kids next to it, in the name of improvement.

It has an even better ergonomic design, it has HD rumble and USB-C like Nintendo’s controllers, it now has a microphone like the Wii U gamepad did, and it even has the haptic feedback triggers like the Xbox One controllers. This controller is the swiss army knife of videogame input devices this generation.

Astro’s Playroom, the bundled-in title, is the perfect demonstration of this controller’s capabilities. The good ol’ blow into the controller to showcase the microphone, feel absolutely everything with the controller’s rumble, like drops of rain, or Astro’s walking, it’s all there.

Now, I’ve felt the Xbox One’s haptic feedback with shooters or racing games, with a simple but effective knockback or rumble, but this controller even has some sort of stoppers on the inside that actually make the triggers heavier to press. I knew about this feature before it arrived, but I was still surprised by just how strong it really is.

But… it has one, make that two downsides. The first one is that it doesn’t work on your PS4, which, maybe you don’t care about, but I would absolutely use this if given a choice. And while it did upgrade from the battery of the DualShock 4, it wasn’t enough.

Little over 10 hours of battery before it requires you to charge it. To put it in perspective, it could have twice of that, and still be half as much as the Switch Pro controller.

Specially baffling when this is the controller they expect you to use at home, and also on the go with Remote Play.

Gotta say overall, this is the best controller Sony has ever put out, if only it kept the colored facebuttons.

But that’ll be all for this one, until next time, bye bye guys!

Runbow: The Indie All-Star Game


13AM Games is Bringing the Ultimate Indie Character Roster in the Upcoming Game Runbow

In the latest trailer for Runbow, an upcoming download indie game, we get a glimpse of one of the biggest all-star character roster possible on the indie gaming scene. Characters like Shovel Knight, Gunvolt and Commander Video make the cut!

You can watch the trailer form Nintendo’s YouTube channel right here:


Super Smash Bros. Update Coming July 31st

Tournament mode, Stages, Mii Costumes, and more!


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS will get a massive update with new content for players around the globe.
This new update will be arriving July 31st (Confirmed for Japan and Europe) and is set out to include the following:
Hyrule Castle

Super Smash Bros. 64 Stages

Many Smash players have been there from the very beginning, day 1, back on the Nintendo 64, so it should come as no surprise that the new game’s been getting some nostalgic love with classic stages.
Kongo Jungle and more recently, the DLC stage, Dream Land (64, not to be confused with the 3DS Stage of the same name).
The new stages revealed to be returning from the N64 are Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle, arguably, two of the most popular stages back in  the original Smash, particularly Hyrule Caslte.
Peach’s Castle
There’s no official price yet, but we’re speculating that their price tag will be the same as it was for Dream Land (64), $1.99 for either one version of the game, and $2.99 for the bundle of the two.
Tournament Mode
Tournament mode was announced to finally return to Super Smash Bros. with new online features like user-made tourneys and tourneys made from Nintendo staff.
It’s noteworthy that there’s no sign to weather or not the 3DS version will be getting tourney, we believe it’ll be coming but don’t want to hype you in vain.
Chrom from Fire Emble
Mii Fighter Costumes

There’s also a handful of new costumes for the Mii Fighters to wear, including Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening for the Mii Swordsman, King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series for Mii Brawler, and new Smash-themed sweaters for all, Gunner, Swordsman and Brawler.
King K. Rool


Smash Sweater Mii Gunner
Smash Sweater Mii Brawler
Smash Swordsman Mii Gunner

China Restrictions on the Gaming Industry are a Thing of the Past!

An Important Step for China’s Gaming Scene

China has finally lifted any and all bans that it had with Video Game software and hardware, announcing that all three major gaming systems.
The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Wii U will soon start to be distributed thanks to the new laws that let them manufacture and sell anywhere in China.

A huge step forward for gamers living in China, congratulations! Truly a great day for the global gaming scene.
It’s noteworthy that previously all systems available in China had to go through immense amounts of taxation, specifications, and region limitations, but that’s all in the past!

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Finally on the Nintendo eShop.

Available for Wii U and New 3DS

The cult classic, download game popular on platforms like Steam and PSN has finally arrived to Nintendo’s systems, it’ll cost $14.99, the same as in every other platform.

The game is unfortunately skipping the previous iterations of the 3DS (3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS), and staying with the New 3DS and New 3DS XL due to limitations with the platform used to port the game.

Parents be advised, this game is not at all for kids, with some disturbing scenery, is M-Rated by the ESRB for violence, blood, crude humor and drugs.

If you’re on the fence of getting this game, just check this trailer that was released for the original PSN and Steam releases, a strong warning for really disturbing, nightmare fuel material.

If you’ve already tried the game on other platforms, did you like it? Would you recommend it to people trying it for the first time now that it’s on Nintendo systems? Or if you haven’t played, does it seem like something that might interest you? Let us know in the comments bellow.

Blaziken Playable in Pokkén Tournament

The Blaze Pokémon Joins the Fight!

Blaziken, the first Fire/Fighting starter has been confirmed to be one of the playable Pokémon for the fighting game after he was teased way back when the game was revealed, on a screenshot of him facing against Lucario.

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