The Shadow Pokémon is Confirmed in the Upcoming Fighting Game.

Gengar, the fan favorite Ghost-type, has been confirmed to be on Pokkén Tournament, an upcoming arcade fighting game based on the Pokémon series.
Also confirmed is the appearance of Mega Evolutions in the game.

Gengar showing off his move Shadow Ball.
Gengar is one of, if not the most beloved Ghost-type in the series, and a Generation 1 Pokémon, so it is not that surprising that we’re now seeing him in the upcoming, more selective, arcade game.
Mega Gengar, as he appears in the game.
We get some gameplay footage showing some classic moves from the original games, such as his Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch and some others fans might recognize, all attacks are shown in interesting and functional ways for this title.
At the end of the trailer we can see Mega Gengar, confirming Mega Evolutions appear in the fighting game. As to how will these work, is yet to be shown if they’ll work as special moves or as temporary transformations, either way, this shows just how much deep this game is digging into the Pokémon series.

There’s no official source for the footage yet, but there’s a live capture from an event in Japan bellow:

Are you excited for the upcoming arcade game? Are you hoping this makes it to the Wii U? Let us know in the comments.


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