Freeze MEChilling back at the 90’s

Back in the 90’s, the Nintendo 64 was the ultimate place for 3D platformers; Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day; all of these had a place as AAA titles.

In the following years the genre diminished and it’s really only surviving through the likes of the Mario Galaxy series and the better Sonic games. While we have the likes of Yooka-Laylee to look forward to, here’s a little title that might be a surprise for the fans of the genre. Freeze ME, by Rainy Night Creations, is a game available for the PC and Wii U that might just satisfy your 3D platformer itch.

Usually, we start our reviews by talking about gameplay or game modes. But we felt that this game’s presentation is where we should start, as it is quite a high quality presentation for such a low price indie title. Freeze ME is one of those games that you might have mistaken for a budget retail release at first glance, which makes it all the more impressive that it costs $9.99 dollars during the first few days of release, then it’ll be $13.99.

Fans of the Mario Galaxy series will find some visual similarities, and I’d agree, it’s very similar to the plumber’s intergalactic adventures, but the simpler visuals and cell-shaded art style make it all the more visually stunning. The fact that R, the game’s protagonist, is an adorable-looking girl, only adds to the game’s presentation. We do warn you of a few pop-in objects here or there, although they never happen too close, so they won’t affect your gameplay.

To not spoil much of the story, we’ll just say that it’s very simple, as it tends to be with these kind of games, it’s charming enough to recommend if you’re looking to give this game to a child as a gift. We’ll let the rest of the presentation to the trailer bellow:

The gameplay on Freeze ME is reminiscent of those N64 classics, for better or worse, as it is a little clunky and the camera has some issues for today’s standards. It also has the ocasional physics glitch or the pop-in textures. Animations might be a little on the simplistic side, but in my opinion they add to that nostalgic 90’s look.

Another topic of consideration is the camera, we include it as part of the gameplay as we have a little note for those considering to get this game. Deactivate the auto-camera, you’re better off having full control of it, and paired with the ability to press ZL to position the camera behind you, Zelda style, we’d say that while clunky, the camera in Freeze ME is functional.


Now, let’s talk about the titular feature, freezing objects. You take out a camera and if you take a picture of an enemy or certain objects, they’ll freeze in place. It’s actually a nice little gimmick to use, but oddly enough, it’s terribly used at the beginning of the game, but the way the game includes it later on is vastly improved.

This is a feature that feels a little odd to do with the analog stick, but if you use the Wii remote cursor or the Gamepad’s touchscreen, it simplifies the whole process, and feels more like an extension of your character’s abilities.


Freeze ME is not a triple-A title, and it’s apparent when you pay attention to certain details. The presentation and charm is this game’s victory. The gameplay is flawed but retro and easy to get used to. The graphics are actually amazing for such a small studio, and the music is catchy and inviting. I wouldn’t say it’s superior to those N64 titles we talked about earlier, but if you have played them all or getting some of the more Rare titles is just not an option, Freeze ME might be just what you need in your library.

Is this game something that interests you? Have you played this game? Let us know in the comment section bellow.

This is a review of the Wii U version of the game. Also available on Steam.Freeze ME


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