NEW Nintendo 3DS coming to Australia and New Zealand November 21st

There’ll be 2 versions of this new console, the NEW Nintendo 3DS and the NEW Nintendo 3DS XL.
amiibo compatibility, better 3D, longer battery life, larger screens, and more!

Comparison to the 3DS and 3DS XL

 while the XL will have the same screen size as the existing one, the regular NEW 3DS will have an upper screen of 3.88 inches, and a lower screen of 3.33 inches, Nintendo explains that it is 1.2 times larger than the one found on the original 3DS.
Both New 3DS’s will come with better 3D that recognizes your eyes so it fixes it to your vewing, it’s sensible to light, so when it’s darker your screen will lower its brightness, on a bright room, it’ll get brighter. It also has faster loading time, such as when downloading games on the eShop.
Additionally, it’s been said that not only will it play existing 3DS games, there’ll be games exclusively made for it and also, games that’ll come out for the 3DS will have additional features such as better graphics and faster loading time.
It is worth mentioning that these improvements will not happen with existing 3DS titles.

New Features

Both consoles will be capable of reading your NFC amiibo figures, tough if you have the current 3DS, XL, or 2DS, an Add-On hardware will come out for existing 3DS consoles.

The regular New 3DS will have exchangeable cover plates which can be bought separately, but it is worth mentioning that the New 3DS XL does not support this feature.
Both consoles will feature 2 new additional shoulder buttons and a C-Stick, which functions as a second Analog Stick.
It was mentioned that neither system will come with an A/C charger, but all existing DSi and 3DS family chargers are compatible, plus, a new charging cradle was announced for $14.95 AUD

To see the Nintendo Direct from Nintendo of Australia’s Youtube Account, click here:


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