Mario & Sonic Palico gear included.

Nintendo and Capcom (and Sega) have announced a new wave of free DLC for owners of Monster Hunter 4 Ultinate on the 3DS, and it’s quite the DLC pack, with more to come later in the month.

To download the content you must enter into the in-game DLC menu and select the Free DLC from this month, last month’s free DLC is still available, so make sure you download it!

The April free DLC includes:

14 New quests

2 New weapons
3 Complete armor sets
2 Palico weapons
4 Palico armor sets
Mario and Luigi Palico gear (1 weapon, 2 armor sets)
Sonic The Hedgehog Palico gear (1 weapon, 1 armor set)
1 Bonus Palico: Blue Pal
4 Guild Card backgrounds
2 Guild Card poses
13 Guild Card titles
1 Poogie outfit: Vagaboar

Source: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC

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