Hideo Kojima No Longer Credited on ‘MGSV: Phantom Pain’ Cover

This is the latest on a series of the growing negative relationship between the critically acclaimed director and Konami.
After the removal of TP (Silent Hills Demo) from the PlayStation Network, disappearing Kojima’s studio “Kojima Productions” from all social media, Konami has made yet another move against Kojima’s work.
You can watch here the boxart before the removal (image on the right) and after (image on the left).
Kojima Still Credited
No Longer Crediting Kojima
The situation between the two has become less and less favorable since the announcement that Kojima was leaving Konami. Hopefully time will make things easier for both parties, in the very least as a homage to the fantastic work that Hideo Kojima has made with Konami throughout his many years in the gaming industry.

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