Sonic’s Official YouTube account makes it’s own video on Shia LaBeouf’s latest meme, where he rambles on, trying to make an inspirational speech for viewers.

The video was uploaded earlier today to YouTube labeled “Sonic Generations – Shia Lebouf DLC (Spoilers!)” the actor’s lastname is noticibly misspelled.

Even though it at first claims to be new DLC for the 2011 hit, it later clarifies that it’s all a joke (Thank God!).

The description for the video reads:




Stop giving up.




We’ve just released a new (fictional) DLC for Sonic Generations that adds actual cannibal Shia Lebouf into one of the game’s final cutscenes. 




Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


You can watch the video bellow:

What do you think of this spoof? Let us know in the comments bellow:


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