Splatoon, Splashing Directly to You!

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct live presentation taking place this May 7th for the upcoming shooting platformer, Splatoon. This year’s big summer multiplayer game for the Wii U, like Mario Kart 8 before it.
Will we know more of the local multiplayer, new modes, more amiibo compatibility?
The amiibo 3-pack announced for the game.

The presentation will be taking place this May the 7th, and will bring us details on content of the game, the Wii U bundle, and the different amiibo compatible with the game.
So far we know of a couple offline modes, including a local 2-player mode and a campaign mode, along with the online multiplayer and character customization, both cosmetic and weaponary.

The Splatoon Wii U announced weeks ago.

The amiibo announced so far are 3, and it is yet unknown if existing Smash, Mario Party or Animal Crossing amiibo will work with the game, so we may get some more information in the Direct.

The Splatoon Wii U bundle was announced a couple weeks ago, so we may learn if there’ll be any extras exclusive to this bundle, like the digital copy of Hyrule Historia for your Wii U on the Legend of Zelda: WindWaker HD bundle.

You can check the official announcement right here: Splatoon Direct – 5.07.2015


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