Splatoon Tower Control Coming to Ranked Battles

Tower Mode Ranked Battle and Treehouse: Live with Splatoon Tower Control are Coming!

Nintendo has released new details on Tower Mode, an upcoming Ranked Battle that was previously announced on the Splatoon Direct before the game’s lauch.
The free DLC announcement came from Splatoon’s Official Tumblr.

The announcement came from Splatoon’s Official Tumblr, which specifies that the new mode will be coming July 1st at 7:00pm Pacific Time. It also gives us some new information on what the mode will consist of, which explains:

Once someone jumps onto the tower, it starts moving along a set path toward the other team’s goal. If the tower doesn’t arrive at either goal before time runs out, the team that’s moved it closest toward their opponent’s goal wins. Ride the tower all the way into the other team’s goal though, and you’ll get a decisive knockout victory.

 There’ll be a Live Treehouse event on Nintendo’s YouTube account starting at 3pm Pacific Time, which will showcase this new mode a few hours before the mode becomes available to all. Like we mentioned earlier, this DLC will come at no cost for Splatoon players.

To read the original post, head to Splatoon’s Official Tumblr.

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Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s introduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beaten it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so he claims.


Splatoon Has Sold 1,000,000 Units Worldwide

Splashing Success!

Nintendo has announced today that Splatoon, the Third Person Shooter/Platformer for the Wii U has sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide, making it the 9th most successful Wii U game.
With only a couple months on the market, having come out this past May.

Nintendo of America has announced today through their official twitter account that Splatoon reached the million sales mark worldwide.
Splatoon has recieved multiple updates, also considered as free DLC, which has included new game modes, new weapons, and new maps, with more announced to be underway.
You can check our review on the game, or our round-up of the features in it.
You can check out the official tweet from Nintendo of America right here:

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About Paco

Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s introduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beaten it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so he claims.


Splatoon Will Be Bringing Another Update Tonight!

Retouching Inkbrush

Nintendo has announced that today at 7 pm PT, an update will come to Splatoon were we’ll be receiving a new weapon, the Inkbrush, while it was previously announced, it has finally been given a date, alongside with some neat screen shots.

Splatoon’s new weapon, the Inkbrush!

The Inkbrush will be very similar to the roller, in fact, it seems to fall into the “roller” category, but it leaves a much smaller trail, lets you run much faster, and it seems that it splashes more paint when you attack.

Splatoon is definitely the biggest game of the summer for Wii U owners, it sold out in Japan to the point where Nintendo had to apologize for short supply of the game, and its online has proven to be one of Nintendo’s best online experiences to date, and its updates are an indication of not slowing down.
You can watch the official announcement tweet bellow:
What do you think of these Splatoon updates, are they a cool new addition to the game, or are they something that should’ve been there in the first place? Let us know what you think in the comments bellow, thanks and have a good day.


About Paco

Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s intoduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beatin it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so ge claims.



Nintendo Direct Micro 6.1.15 Round-Up

Nintendo First Bite-Sized Nintendo Direct!

We get news on the latest Mario & Sonic Games, Chibi Robo, Art Academy, Dr. Mario, Puzzles & Dragons, Bravely Second, and more.
Nintendo just dropped an unannounced, short Nintendo Direct presentation, that brings news on a good amount of video game titles, for such a small presentation, that is.

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, the first game they talked about in the presentation, consists on a side-scroller platformer with puzzles starring the miniature robot, there are some puzzles based around Chibi-Robo’s chord, which reminded us a cartoony and happy Castlevania. A Chibi-Robo amiibo was also announced, which uprgrades your character. The game launches October.
Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, the latest in the puzzle series, includes the Classic Dr. Mario mode, Dr. Luigi, and Miracle Cure, which are brand new types of capsules like bombs, zip lines, among others. There’ll also be competitive and co-operative download play, bringing a vast multiplayer to the game.
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, a story where the main character is transformed into a Pokémon,  and is set to help other Pokémon and explore Dungeons, is the lates in the Mystery Dungeon series. There’s 20 Pokémon you can play as, but all Pokémon will make an appearance. With a release date window of theis year’s Winter.
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the latest in the Mario & Sonic games, is filled with fresh takes on previous events, reminding us a little of the dream events on previous games, plus events like Football Soccer, the Wii U & 3DS versions will have their own events, the Wii U will have Rugby, and the 3DS on the other hand, will have Golf.
Bill is excited for Splatoon
Splatoon will be receiving updates, the N-Zap 85, inspired by the NES Zapper, a new Free Map, Ranked Battles will be unlocked later today, June 1st. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the update.
Art Academy Home Studio is the latest in the series, coming to the Wii U, it will have new variety of tutorials, time lapses of your art, more materials, among other things. Now available for pre-purchase, the game will be available June 25th.
Project Treasure just released a trailer.
There’s details on the E3 presentation, where they explained again the Nintendo Wolrd Champinship 2015, starting June 14th at 3:00pm PT.
LBX: Little Battlers Experience is a fighting game based on the Nickelodeon hit cartoon series, it has customizable fighting robots, and a story based on the cartoon. It’ll be arriving to the 3DS this Fall.
Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. has 8 worlds after you beat the main story, unlocking new characters. The Z side of this game will have new characters and unlockable content as free DLC, the first is now available.
Bravely Second: End Layer will keep the gameplay of the original game, but it’ll have a new protagonist and story, there’ll be some nods to the first game, but the story of the first game won’t be a must to understand what Bravely Second is all about. The game will launch 2016.

You can also watch the video itself right here:

And that pretty much rounds up what Nintendo Direct Micro had to offer.
Are you excited for the upcoming games on Wii U and 3DS? Do you think this Direct is just to hold us off before E3? Let us know what you think in the comment section bellow.


About Paco

Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s intoduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beatin it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so ge claims.


TVG Review: Splatoon

Splatoon Review

Nintendo has been on a roll lately when it comes to bringing new IPs to their systems, from the Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta, to this year’s Codename S.T.E.A.M., and Splatoon might just be one of the best new IPs that the Wii U has seen!
Splatoon is a family-friendly, creative third person shooter with platforming that takes an exciting new take on one of the the most crowded and uninspired genres in gaming.
If you’re into shooting games, the gameplay in Splatoon will not leave you disappointed, it’s one of the games to make some of the best use out of the Wii U Gamepad, with your standard First Person Shooter controllers with a giros-censor to bring more accuracy to your aim, plus a handy map that shows were and if your allies need help. The button layout is intuitive and you’ll quickly get the balance between the right stick and the motion controls.
The presentation of this game great, you’ll find a lot of detail in every element of the game, the paint looks really liquid, the squids look slippery,  gravity and movement feels real, the hub world feels alive and functional.
Overall, this game has some fantastic graphics for its system, detailed textures and creative designs, and the fact that it runs at 60 frames per second is not bad at all!

The solo campaign is pretty meaty for a multiplayer-based game. It has some fun characters, amazing level designs, and it’s gradually challenging, growing with the learning curve, making a very satisfying and personal experience.
The boss fights are also very creative and will take some thinking to beat, functioning like puzzles, to not spoil much details on the solo campaign with too much information, we’ll just say that it’s very interesting and not repetitive.
The online multiplayer experience in this gameis one of the best the Wii U has to offer, with lobbies, friend-matching, customizable characters, and unlockable modes as you rank up (some of them will be locked for the first week of the game, waiting for enough players to rank high enough).
The lack of online voice chat will definitely make the experience feel incomplete to some, however, it is noteworthy that there’s an alert system in the game that functionally replaces the voice chat, even if it’s not as fun.
If you were looking at Splatoon to be the next Wii U old school local multiplayer with all players sitting on one couch having fun, this game isn’t for you. While Splatoon does have a local multiplayer mode, it’s just a 2-player, competitive match were whoever pops more balloons with their paint wins.
While it’s quite fun to have a couple matches with a friend, it gets boring really quick and you’ll even prefer to take turns on online matches. So, if you want local fun, you might be set with something more like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, or Mario Party 10.
Overall, Splatoon is a great experience for people who like shooting plays and play solo locally or enjoy addictive online multiplayer, but for people looking for a local multiplayer experience, you are better off checking out other games on the Wii U.

You can also check our video review here:

If you’d like to read some more details concerning weapon and character customization, check our Splatoon Direct round-up.
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About Paco

Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s intoduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beatin it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so ge claims.


Video: Splatoon Impressions

Splashing Impressions!

On this video, we share our first impressions upon playing the live demo for Splatoon on the Wii U. We touch upon the gameplay, presentation, online experience, game mechanics, and weapons.

You can watch the impressions video bellow:

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Splatoon Nintendo Direct Presentation Round-Up

Splatoon Direct presentation gives details on the game!

The Nintendo Direct presentation tells us about character customization, online multiplayer, game modes, mini games, amiibo support, maps,  weaponry types and categories, and solo campaign.

Character Customization
A boy Inkling from the game

You can customize your character’s skin tone and eye color, plus there’ll be stores for you to buy head gear, shirts, and build your arsenal. You can buy glasses, hats, shoes, shirts. Your gear also gives you special skills, like longer jumps or ink use reduction.

Turf War
Turf Wars are a multi-player mode where the team that covers the most land with their color win the match. They show different strategies or tips, like teleporting to where your teammates are, or to leave the battle zone to cover areas with your team’s paint.
Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig has taller buildings and piles, making the lower and upper area the furthest from any map. Blackbelly Skatepark is very wide and open, Walleye Warehouse is very small and filled with obstacles, Arowana Mall is narrow and intense.

Inkopolis, the overwolrd in the game

Is the hub in the game, where you can interact with other players, and buy from any of the shops available in Booyah Base, Jelly Fresh, a clothing store specialized in tops owned by Jelonzo.
The shoe shop, Shrimp Kicks, owned by Crusty Sean. and the Head gear shop, Cooler Heads, owned by Annie, where you can buy Glasses and Hats. The Weapon Shop, Ammo Knights, owned by Sheldon.
There’s 3 types of ink weapons, Shooter, Charger and Roller. The Shooter is a more standard and immediate weapon, some of the weapons are Aerospray MG, Jet Squelcher, Splattershot, and others, all varying in speed, strenght, and range.
The Charger is a slower, stronger and has more range than the Shooter weapons, it’s a Sniper-styled weaponry, there’s the Splat Charger, the E-liter 3K, among others.
The Splatterscope, a Sniper-styled weapon with a long range

The Roller is a very unique weapon, it’s a gian

t paint-roll that leaves paint as you go, and can also splatter paint on a short-range area.

Then there’s the Sub weapons an Special weapons, Sub weapons are complementary to the Main weapons, there’s different types of Bombs and Gadgets you can use.
The Special weapons are massive destruction weapons that take a lot of ink but can turn the tides in a game, it can vary from a Shiled, a giant tornado, or a Squid transformation.
Solo Campaign
There’s a Solo Campaign were the squids are at war with the Octarians, or Octopi, were you save animals like a Zapfish.
You’ll be platforming, solving puzzles, shooting, and fighting inkling-like enemies and giant bosses. You might find pick-up items and extras during gameplay.

Online Multi-player

They are necessarily 4-on-4 matches, and there’s two modes, Regular Battles, and Ranked Battles. Regular Battles are the domination mode we talked about earlier. There’ll be two stages available, and they’ll change every 4 hours.
Ranked Battles have different modes within, Splat zones, where you dominate one very small area of the map. Your rank is affected weather you win or lose a match. To participate, you must be level 10, therefore, this mode will be available once enough people reach that mark.
Free Updates
There’ll be a bunch of Stages available some time after release, a Weapon, called Inkbrush, new Gear, New rule sets for Ranked Battle, like Tower Control, which is kind of like Capture the Flag, and Rainmaker. There’ll be more customization options to Friend matches in August.

Other Games
There’s an Arcade-styled selection of mini games like Squid Jump.These games can be played at any time, even when you’re waiting for a match.
Inkling Girl, Boy & Squid Amiibo were made specially for this game, and offer challenges and missions to take on, these might be weapon based, or a certain restriction is applied. You’ll get special gear and minigames.


A news system where you’ll get news, events, and update information from the game, an upcoming event will be a “Cats vs Dogs” and the ranking on these events will get you exclusive gear. These events happen on an irregular basis, so it’ll be important to stay tuned.


Splatoon Global Test Fire is the Free Demo for Splatoon, you can download the Demo now, but it’ll only be playable this upcoming Friday 8th, form 8pm to 9pm Pacific, and Saturday 9, from 4 am to 5 am, then from Noon to 1pm Pacific. We’ll be playing it and bringing you a small review of our experience.

That’s a roundup of the most important news for the game, but you can watch the Splatoon Nintendo Direct Presentation right here:
Do these news make you more interested in the game? Let us know in the comment section bellow.

TVG News: Yooka-Laylee, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Gengar on Pokkén & Splatoon Direct announced

Yooka-Laylee details, Yoshi’s Woolly World screenshots, Gengar in Pokkén & Splatoon Direct announced

On this week’s TVG News: Yooka-Laylee details, Yoshi’s Woolly World screenshots, Splatoon Direct announced & Gengar in Pokkén.

Splatoon Nintendo Direct May 7th

Splatoon, Splashing Directly to You!

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct live presentation taking place this May 7th for the upcoming shooting platformer, Splatoon. This year’s big summer multiplayer game for the Wii U, like Mario Kart 8 before it.
Will we know more of the local multiplayer, new modes, more amiibo compatibility?
The amiibo 3-pack announced for the game.

The presentation will be taking place this May the 7th, and will bring us details on content of the game, the Wii U bundle, and the different amiibo compatible with the game.
So far we know of a couple offline modes, including a local 2-player mode and a campaign mode, along with the online multiplayer and character customization, both cosmetic and weaponary.

The Splatoon Wii U announced weeks ago.

The amiibo announced so far are 3, and it is yet unknown if existing Smash, Mario Party or Animal Crossing amiibo will work with the game, so we may get some more information in the Direct.

The Splatoon Wii U bundle was announced a couple weeks ago, so we may learn if there’ll be any extras exclusive to this bundle, like the digital copy of Hyrule Historia for your Wii U on the Legend of Zelda: WindWaker HD bundle.

You can check the official announcement right here: Splatoon Direct – 5.07.2015

New Splatoon trailer! Plus, new Wii U Bundle announced!

“Get Ready to Get Inked!”

Splatoon, Nintendo’s big summer home-console title, is very close to release now, and Nintendo has released a new 30-second trailer and showcased the newly announced Wii U bundle for the game’s release.

The trailer shows gameplay footage and voice over of some of the features within the game, plus some catchphrases in hope of making an impact on your mind.

Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack
The bundle itself has the same things as any other 32GB edition Wii U, the only big difference is that this bundle has both Splatoon and Nintendo Land, it costs $299.99 at Best Buy.
The Splatoon site says the game will be released May 29th of this year. It also shows some of the features of the game plus it gives a little insight into the Amiibo functionality, which consists of exclusive gear and “amiibo challenges”, providing with a few hours of extra content should you have the figures.
You can watch the official trailer from Nintendo’s Youtube Channel bellow.