Nintendo Digital Event 2015


Star Fox Zero, ToZ: Triforce Heroes, Mario Tenis Wii U, Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles X and much more!

   Nintendo’s Direct conference was held today and brought with it all kinds of news. Fans are
   always exited when games like Star Fox Zero and Mario Maker are shown, but what else has
   Nintendo prepared for us today?

Star Fox Zero 
Shigueru Miyamoto talks about some of the new feautures the game will have, including the multiple transformations of the airwing and the optimized controllers they prepared with the gyro sensors of the gamepad. All the levels of the game can be played with different vehicles, which increases the options of the players and motivates them to replay the levels.
The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes
TriForce Heroes is a 3 players co-op game that focuses on teamwork rather than competitivity. Some new features include game mechanics like the Totem mode and the different dress-up abilities the heroes acquire.
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Hyrule Warriors will be brought to the 3DS along with all the DLC characters that were included in the Wii U version and a few new ones from the Wind Waker.
Metroid Prime Federation Force

This 3DS was announced to launch at 2016. It is a four-player cooperative online FPS game that takes place on the Metroid franchise world. It also comes along with the 3 vs 3 sports battles.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

The game is scheduled to be realeased on the 4rth of December  of 2015.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

This game is basically a party game in which players use amibo as avatars. The game includes the well known table-like features that can be seen on classic Mario Party Games, with their own set of minigames, traps, and items.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

Nintendo surprises by mixing up two of their famous RPG worlds: Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario. The game keeps the Mario & Luigi fighing style but adds creative features that involve Paper Mario classic powers.

Mario Maker

Mario Maker will aloud Mario fans to create their own 2D platform course and share them online. Amiibo will be supported in the form of mystery mushrooms, which aloud Mario to transform into the form of different amiibo.


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Nintendo Direct Micro 6.1.15 Round-Up

Nintendo First Bite-Sized Nintendo Direct!

We get news on the latest Mario & Sonic Games, Chibi Robo, Art Academy, Dr. Mario, Puzzles & Dragons, Bravely Second, and more.
Nintendo just dropped an unannounced, short Nintendo Direct presentation, that brings news on a good amount of video game titles, for such a small presentation, that is.

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, the first game they talked about in the presentation, consists on a side-scroller platformer with puzzles starring the miniature robot, there are some puzzles based around Chibi-Robo’s chord, which reminded us a cartoony and happy Castlevania. A Chibi-Robo amiibo was also announced, which uprgrades your character. The game launches October.
Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, the latest in the puzzle series, includes the Classic Dr. Mario mode, Dr. Luigi, and Miracle Cure, which are brand new types of capsules like bombs, zip lines, among others. There’ll also be competitive and co-operative download play, bringing a vast multiplayer to the game.
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, a story where the main character is transformed into a Pokémon,  and is set to help other Pokémon and explore Dungeons, is the lates in the Mystery Dungeon series. There’s 20 Pokémon you can play as, but all Pokémon will make an appearance. With a release date window of theis year’s Winter.
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the latest in the Mario & Sonic games, is filled with fresh takes on previous events, reminding us a little of the dream events on previous games, plus events like Football Soccer, the Wii U & 3DS versions will have their own events, the Wii U will have Rugby, and the 3DS on the other hand, will have Golf.
Bill is excited for Splatoon
Splatoon will be receiving updates, the N-Zap 85, inspired by the NES Zapper, a new Free Map, Ranked Battles will be unlocked later today, June 1st. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the update.
Art Academy Home Studio is the latest in the series, coming to the Wii U, it will have new variety of tutorials, time lapses of your art, more materials, among other things. Now available for pre-purchase, the game will be available June 25th.
Project Treasure just released a trailer.
There’s details on the E3 presentation, where they explained again the Nintendo Wolrd Champinship 2015, starting June 14th at 3:00pm PT.
LBX: Little Battlers Experience is a fighting game based on the Nickelodeon hit cartoon series, it has customizable fighting robots, and a story based on the cartoon. It’ll be arriving to the 3DS this Fall.
Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. has 8 worlds after you beat the main story, unlocking new characters. The Z side of this game will have new characters and unlockable content as free DLC, the first is now available.
Bravely Second: End Layer will keep the gameplay of the original game, but it’ll have a new protagonist and story, there’ll be some nods to the first game, but the story of the first game won’t be a must to understand what Bravely Second is all about. The game will launch 2016.

You can also watch the video itself right here:

And that pretty much rounds up what Nintendo Direct Micro had to offer.
Are you excited for the upcoming games on Wii U and 3DS? Do you think this Direct is just to hold us off before E3? Let us know what you think in the comment section bellow.


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Growing up in the late 90’s, Paco’s intoduction to video games was Mario 64, and he hasn’t really stopped ever since, he’s also a player kin to Wind Waker, having beatin it an unholy amount of times, and completed it at least 5 times, or so ge claims.


TVG News: Yooka-Laylee, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Gengar on Pokkén & Splatoon Direct announced

Yooka-Laylee details, Yoshi’s Woolly World screenshots, Gengar in Pokkén & Splatoon Direct announced

On this week’s TVG News: Yooka-Laylee details, Yoshi’s Woolly World screenshots, Splatoon Direct announced & Gengar in Pokkén.

Splatoon Nintendo Direct May 7th

Splatoon, Splashing Directly to You!

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct live presentation taking place this May 7th for the upcoming shooting platformer, Splatoon. This year’s big summer multiplayer game for the Wii U, like Mario Kart 8 before it.
Will we know more of the local multiplayer, new modes, more amiibo compatibility?
The amiibo 3-pack announced for the game.

The presentation will be taking place this May the 7th, and will bring us details on content of the game, the Wii U bundle, and the different amiibo compatible with the game.
So far we know of a couple offline modes, including a local 2-player mode and a campaign mode, along with the online multiplayer and character customization, both cosmetic and weaponary.

The Splatoon Wii U announced weeks ago.

The amiibo announced so far are 3, and it is yet unknown if existing Smash, Mario Party or Animal Crossing amiibo will work with the game, so we may get some more information in the Direct.

The Splatoon Wii U bundle was announced a couple weeks ago, so we may learn if there’ll be any extras exclusive to this bundle, like the digital copy of Hyrule Historia for your Wii U on the Legend of Zelda: WindWaker HD bundle.

You can check the official announcement right here: Splatoon Direct – 5.07.2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct

What we learned from the Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct.

From the world map, to side-quests, to the story line, to the controls, and more.
Humanity has managed to survive an Alien attack by leaving their home planet and starting a new society in a new planet, Mira, in a city called New Los Angeles.

There’s 5 continents in this world, each very different from one another, Primordia, where the player starts its journey and humanity has started to create a new society, Noctilum, a wilderness filled with vegetation and water, Oblivia, a giant dessert with an oasis, Sylvalum, a deep tundra, and Cauldros, a post-apocalyptic volcanic area with ancient architecture from an unknown culture.
A character on a Skell gazing upon New Los Angles.
The Wii U gamepad’s touchscreen will be used for exploring and tapping on the map, exploration, quest log and other features that will prove useful to keep track of all the content this game has to offer.

The creatures in this game vary in shape and size, also varying in how easy it is to approach it, and if they’ll be peaceful or attack you head on.
There’s two items which will aid you exploring new areas, the first is the Nav Ball, which is a light ball that will show you the path you must take to go forth in the story. The other item is the Hopper Cam, which basically works as the live google maps within the game.
Skells are the mech suits in the game which allow you to explore the world easily weather it is by air or land, and also give you an advantage in combat.
For more details and to take a look at the graphics of the game, you can watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase here:

Did the Direct build up the hype you where expecting for? Let us know in the comment section.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct confirmed for April 24th

Directly to You.

The North American Direct will take place this Friday, at 11 a.m. PT and 1 p.m. CT. Nintendo has also announced that it will be followed by a Live Treehouse event, as most American Directs lately.
We expect to learn more about the story, gameplay, release date, and other things already available for Japanese audiences, like the story trailer. You can see the official announcement (and possibly the live stream, once it comes out) right here: Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct
What do you expect from this Direct? Let us know in the comment section.

Video: TVG Talk – Nintendo Direct April 1st

On this TVG Talk, the TVGamers discuss the content seen on the Nintendo Direct on April 1st. If you didn’t catch it on Youtube when it was released a couple days ago, you can watch it here now.

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Nintendo of America Direct – April 1st, 2015.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS, Mario Kart 8, DLC, Splatoon, Amiibo, Mario Maker, Updates, Indie Games, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Free to Download, N64 and DS on Virtual Console and more, much more!

Nintendo of America released a Nintendo Direct today full of news, special offers and updates.
Mewtwo, one of the characters confirmed.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.
Mewtwo from Pokémon and Lucas from Mother 3 have been confirmed as DLC characters for Smash Bros. Also confirmed are new costumes for your Mii Fighters, some of them based on popular characters like Link from the Zelda series and Megaman X. Also confirmed are sharing functionality for your fighters and custom stages.

Mario Kart 8, arguably the game with the best and
cheapest DLC ever released by Nintendo.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is easily the existing title with the most news this Direct. With a new 200cc mode, Animal Crossing DLC with 3 new characters (Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Dry Bowser), 8 new courses and 4 vehicles. New Amiibo costumes for your Mii, including Bowser, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-man.

Upcoming releases.

Yoshi’s Woolly World, Bravely Second, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Pokemon Rumble World, all of which we knew about but have now release dates.

Nintendo 64 and DS titles are confirmed to come to the eShop Virtual Console, starting up with Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island DS.

Indie releases including Affordable Space Adventures, are all coming out later this year. And a new Fire Emblem is coming to the Nintendo 3DS family systems in 2016.

Two Squidlings from Splatoon.


Is the new title with the most new information this Direct. Amiibo line confirmed for the title, in the form of a 3-pack of two Squidlings, one boy and one girl, and one in Squid form.

Local multiplayer also confirmed for the title, even though it’s unknown if it’ll be available at launch, plus two new modes, a Dojo-styled one to learn the stages in the game, and the other will be elaborated on later.

Mario Amiibo being used on a New 3DS XL.


Amiibo now have a Free to Download title called Amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Hits. which consists of tapping your Amiibo on your Wii U Gamepad (Unknown if it’ll be available for the 3DS) and you’ll have a randomly-selected NES or SNES title.

Also confirmed are the newly announced Jigglypuff and Greninja Amiibo for the Super Smash Bros. line and the Splatoon Amiibo previously mentioned.

Also announced are new Amiibo Cards based on Animal Crossing Characters for an upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS title, at the time it’s unknown if there’ll be more Amiibo Cards based on Animal Crossing or any other series.

You can watch the Direct on the link bellow.

Nintendo Direct to Stream April 1st, 2015.

No Joke.

Nintendo has announced that there’ll be a Nintendo Direct event tomorrow, April 1st. The Direct will consist of news of both Wii U and 3DS games.

The event will start at 3 p.m. PT or 6 p.m. ET. After, there’ll be a live Nintendo Treehouse presentation featuring one of spring’s upcoming games. Nintendo also urges to not be fooled by the date, the Direct is no joke!