Nintendo Direct Micro 6.1.15 Round-Up

Nintendo First Bite-Sized Nintendo Direct!

We get news on the latest Mario & Sonic Games, Chibi Robo, Art Academy, Dr. Mario, Puzzles & Dragons, Bravely Second, and more.
Nintendo just dropped an unannounced, short Nintendo Direct presentation, that brings news on a good amount of video game titles, for such a small presentation, that is.

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, the first game they talked about in the presentation, consists on a side-scroller platformer with puzzles starring the miniature robot, there are some puzzles based around Chibi-Robo’s chord, which reminded us a cartoony and happy Castlevania. A Chibi-Robo amiibo was also announced, which uprgrades your character. The game launches October.
Dr. Mario Miracle Cure, the latest in the puzzle series, includes the Classic Dr. Mario mode, Dr. Luigi, and Miracle Cure, which are brand new types of capsules like bombs, zip lines, among others. There’ll also be competitive and co-operative download play, bringing a vast multiplayer to the game.
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, a story where the main character is transformed into a Pokémon,  and is set to help other Pokémon and explore Dungeons, is the lates in the Mystery Dungeon series. There’s 20 Pokémon you can play as, but all Pokémon will make an appearance. With a release date window of theis year’s Winter.
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the latest in the Mario & Sonic games, is filled with fresh takes on previous events, reminding us a little of the dream events on previous games, plus events like Football Soccer, the Wii U & 3DS versions will have their own events, the Wii U will have Rugby, and the 3DS on the other hand, will have Golf.
Bill is excited for Splatoon
Splatoon will be receiving updates, the N-Zap 85, inspired by the NES Zapper, a new Free Map, Ranked Battles will be unlocked later today, June 1st. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the update.
Art Academy Home Studio is the latest in the series, coming to the Wii U, it will have new variety of tutorials, time lapses of your art, more materials, among other things. Now available for pre-purchase, the game will be available June 25th.
Project Treasure just released a trailer.
There’s details on the E3 presentation, where they explained again the Nintendo Wolrd Champinship 2015, starting June 14th at 3:00pm PT.
LBX: Little Battlers Experience is a fighting game based on the Nickelodeon hit cartoon series, it has customizable fighting robots, and a story based on the cartoon. It’ll be arriving to the 3DS this Fall.
Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. has 8 worlds after you beat the main story, unlocking new characters. The Z side of this game will have new characters and unlockable content as free DLC, the first is now available.
Bravely Second: End Layer will keep the gameplay of the original game, but it’ll have a new protagonist and story, there’ll be some nods to the first game, but the story of the first game won’t be a must to understand what Bravely Second is all about. The game will launch 2016.

You can also watch the video itself right here:

And that pretty much rounds up what Nintendo Direct Micro had to offer.
Are you excited for the upcoming games on Wii U and 3DS? Do you think this Direct is just to hold us off before E3? Let us know what you think in the comment section bellow.


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