"Iwata Asks" Interview with the Xenoblade Chronicles X crew

Asking the Xenoblade Chronicles X team

In the latest Iwata Asks, a web series of interviews by Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, we get an interview with the team behind the Wii U’s upcoming title, Xenoblade Chronicles X.
We get details on priorities when starting development, storytelling, connection with the characters, amount of content, and much more!

Tetsuya Takahashi, general director of
Xenoblade Chronicles X
As always, the interview starts by introducing the interviewees, who present themselves one by one. They then talk about how one of the game’s priorities was the feel of the game, the immersion, Tetsuya Takashi, the general director of the game, even says he believes the setting to be important in RPGs.
They explain that in the previous title of the series, they couldn’t make a completely open world due to the Wii limitations, but now they were able to make the open world they wanted with the Wii U.
Koh Kojima, Monolith Soft director for
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Koh Kojima, director from Monolith Soft for this game, tells how difficult it is to make an open world where players can free roam, because you can’t make a linear layout where you take players where you want, you have to make each area interesting and rewarding so each one counts. It’s then described as a heaven for players, a hell for creators.
During the interview, we also get insight into the storytelling, the Skell mech suits, thoughts, amount of content, conection between areas and characters, and more.
If you want to know more about the development of Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can read the whole interview here: Iwata Asks – Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo Treehouse plays Xenoblade Chronicles X

Nintendo Treehouse Live Friday 24th Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct.

Nintendo Treehouse played yesterday, Friday 24th, Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Showing off what was previously announced in the Nintendo Direct of the same day.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Wii U game currently under localization process for all regions outside of Japan, and is looking up to become one of the biggest and brightest games available on the system.
The video is over an hour long and shows off very nicely how the game plays and just how big the world map is. The video also demonstrates combat gameplay and exploration, as well as weapon customization and the game HUD, with in-game menus and the touchscreen display.
If you have an hour to spare and are interested in the game, you might be interested in watching the Nintendo Treehouse gameplay:
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TVG News – Mario Kart 8 DLC, Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct & Amiibo Tap

Weekly News: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct & Amiibo Tap.

On this week’s news roundup: Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 has been released, Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct shows information on the game, and Amiibo Tap is released in Japan.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct

What we learned from the Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct.

From the world map, to side-quests, to the story line, to the controls, and more.
Humanity has managed to survive an Alien attack by leaving their home planet and starting a new society in a new planet, Mira, in a city called New Los Angeles.

There’s 5 continents in this world, each very different from one another, Primordia, where the player starts its journey and humanity has started to create a new society, Noctilum, a wilderness filled with vegetation and water, Oblivia, a giant dessert with an oasis, Sylvalum, a deep tundra, and Cauldros, a post-apocalyptic volcanic area with ancient architecture from an unknown culture.
A character on a Skell gazing upon New Los Angles.
The Wii U gamepad’s touchscreen will be used for exploring and tapping on the map, exploration, quest log and other features that will prove useful to keep track of all the content this game has to offer.

The creatures in this game vary in shape and size, also varying in how easy it is to approach it, and if they’ll be peaceful or attack you head on.
There’s two items which will aid you exploring new areas, the first is the Nav Ball, which is a light ball that will show you the path you must take to go forth in the story. The other item is the Hopper Cam, which basically works as the live google maps within the game.
Skells are the mech suits in the game which allow you to explore the world easily weather it is by air or land, and also give you an advantage in combat.
For more details and to take a look at the graphics of the game, you can watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase here:

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct confirmed for April 24th

Directly to You.

The North American Direct will take place this Friday, at 11 a.m. PT and 1 p.m. CT. Nintendo has also announced that it will be followed by a Live Treehouse event, as most American Directs lately.
We expect to learn more about the story, gameplay, release date, and other things already available for Japanese audiences, like the story trailer. You can see the official announcement (and possibly the live stream, once it comes out) right here: Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct
What do you expect from this Direct? Let us know in the comment section.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Story Trailer Released

Survival of the fittest

Previously, all we knew about the story was that Earth had been destroyed and that the survivors were settling on a new planet, but now we have a better idea on what made humans leave the Earth, or should we say who?

We couldn’t gather the name of the invaders in question by watching the trailer, but we do know that they’ve followed humans to this new planet, and that they want to erase humanity from existence by destroying this new blossoming civilization.
The trailer also leads us to believe that the playable character won’t be the main character in the story, at least not the point where the trailer takes place. If you’re not fluent in Japanese, youtube user iYakku has released a version of the video with english subtitles.
You can watch the original Japanese trailer bellow: